Told my editor I’d hold off banging my head against a particular client’s requirements until I hear more from him. Got this in response:

“thanks for being flexible viz. order of operations for wall-cranium contact.”

I love working with an English major.

Sunday dilemma— I really want to sit out on the patio to read for a while. But my neighbor has been pressure washing his entire house for the last 2 hours and the noise is hitting me like a dentist drill right now. But I really want to start this book, it’s been on my pile for months now and I just finally finished Good Habits, Bad Habits and have the book-bandwidth to dive into Transcend (Scott Barry Kaufman’s latest).

@maique @MitchWagner Your discussion about noise, introversion, etc is seeming rather prescient right about now.

Any MBers using Notion?

I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks now and it seems to do everything I was looking for. That is, something to replace Evernote as a digital commonplace, draft repository, editorial calendar, etc…

Anyone have any thoughts on Notion or suggestions for other options?

Neighbor across the alley (my view from the basement office) just repainted…the same exact tone of baby poop brown it was, and I’m guessing has been since about 1978.

I just finished a 14-page document on the future of AI in supply chain management. I am neither a supply chain manager nor a data scientist. Honestly shocked nobody upstairs is complaining about the smell from the smoke coming out of my ears.

After much hemming and hawing, some soul searching, and a fair amount of hand wringing, I have settled my domain debate. will remain my professional writer site for directing prospective clients to for portfolio links, etc. while will become my depository for all things long-form. And of course I have a backlog of snarky nonsense for you fine folks ;-)

Stay tuned for a July launch!

Juncos, Chickadees, Flickers, Crows, and a Merlin. And I’ve only been sitting on the patio for 5 minutes.

Gonna be hard to get any work done at this rate…

I have tripped over the “domain-registration-hosting-Wordpress” conundrum. Again. I may regret trying to separate my work site from my nascent personal blog.

This is why I love Cal Newport.

“Ancient wisdom, in other words, doesn’t so much prescribe that we follow our passion, as it does that we approach with passion the trials and responsibilities placed before us.”

“The belief that the world owes you the perfect role for your special unique personality is myopically self-focused and ill-suited to hard times. The alternative notion that the world needs you to offer all that you can is comparably liberating.”

This is why I love Cal Newport.

I read this 3x before I realized they were talking about a storm, not a person:

“Karen is now a tropical depression and could fall apart “at any time,” according to the NHC. Not expected to get very far.”

Shoulders were designed by committee, right? So that means that a healing shoulder is caught in the middle of partisan infighting, conflicting schedules and “this meeting should have been an email” debates, then?

My fracture was declared “healed” back in April, the rotator cuff, however, seems to have missed the memo.


Job emails can be…fascinating.

Just got an opening for “Power Marketer” for the city of Seattle. They’re talking about trading futures and stuff…my search is for “content marketing” because I’m a writer.

I blame the algorithms.

Fun experiment in airflow dynamics.

Entering the grocery store, put on my mask and promptly sneezed.

The blast of air blew my sunglasses clean off my face.

Clearing out Bear and stumbled on this, quoted from an email I sent someone:

“Once I switched my mindset to one of an Anthropologist exploring a new and previously unknown culture of towering pompous cretins, misunderstood misanthropes, and (mostly) feckless twits…it went much better than expected.”

I think I was meeting someone for lunch downtown…

As a freelancer, I’m only now coming to realize how this enforced work-from-home situation is impacting normally office-bound folks.

This is a great piece on getting set up, with this money quote: “Let’s lower our expectations. Here are a few ways to make working from home less miserable, according to experts.”